My Name Necklace Wholesale

My Name Necklace invites you to join us as one of our wholesale customers.
If you are interested in starting as a retailer and would like to sell our elegant name necklaces, we invite you to open an online account with us and start your business today!

We offer three different business opportunities: Affiliates Program, Drop Shipment, Wholesale.

When working with MyNameNecklace you enjoy a reliable service, great prices and high quality products. We renovate our collection on a seasonally basis, putting an emphasis on holidays and special events.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us

Phone number:
USA (+1) (408) 786-5881

When contacting us please provide us with the following information so we can assist you in an efficient manner:

# Are you a real store or an online business?
Please provide us with your store address/website URL.
# What is your geographic location and who are your target customers?
# How do you plan to sell our products?
# Which products are you most interested in?
# What are your estimated quantities?

We encourage you to join us and start earning immediately!

We look forward to serve you!
The Team


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